A Cheapskate’s Weekend in Prague Part 3: Hotel Courtyard Prague Airport

Hotel: Courtyard Prague
Room: Studio Room 605
Status: Marriott Gold

Despite the late hour we were warmly and proactively welcomed in English and immediately we felt right at home. We’d been upgraded to a studio room on the 6th floor with an airport view. I’m assuming they don’t get many Marriott Golds on a Friday night in Prague as the lady checking us in was clearly waiting for us with a degree of expectation, maybe we were the last to arrive and she just wanted to go to bed! Our room was quiet and comfortable, featuring a large living room and a separate bedroom with a big comfy bed that was so high off the ground it required climbing gear to get in. 

We settled in, got ready for bed and were soon away in the clouds. We wanted to start the day at a reasonable time so a good night’s sleep was vital. The bed was lovely and comfortable and we slept well. The only minor complaint about our room was not from me but apparently the bathroom mirror does not lend itself to the application of make up.

Now That’s A View To Wake Up To!

We headed down to breakfast and were greeted with a fantastic, “Dobry den“. Unfortunately this wonderful greeting was offset by a lack of clean tables for us to sit at. In the end we found a corner and settled in. Everything for breakfast was from the buffet including coffee and juice. I started with a savoury run and finished with a sweet run. Quality was acceptable and no more. On a side note I did notice they had a big pile of instant noodles and kimchi hidden at the side of the buffet which was not something I was expecting to see.

Rested and fed, it was then time to check out as we had a busy day ahead of us. This stay definitely exceeded expectations based on the price, a lucky upgrade and friendly service, the perfect spot for an early departure or late arrival.

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