A Cheapskate’s Weekend in Prague Part 8: Homeward Bound And A Final Taste Of Prague

Flight: BA861 PRG T3 to LHR T3
Aircraft: Airbus A320-200
Depart: 17:15
Arrive: 18:35
Seats: 1A and 1C (Club Europe, Business)

We picked up our bags from the Hilton and made the short walk to the station to pick up the crappy airport bus. At least it was cheap. The check in queue was huge and having access to the Club desks made a big difference today. It was a bit of a trek but we eventually found the Menzies Aviation lounge.

It was pleasant enough with reasonable views. Thankfully there was time for one last beer before heading to the gate.

Fly To Take Over The World

Time to settle in to row 1 again. We also managed SEQ 1 and 2 on this trip, travel goal met! What a wonderful day to fly!

Showtime… maybe that’s not quite the right word. Ms. Spymon went with the salad option. I took the panini (well 1/2 panini). Whilst the short hop (and apparently longer route) catering has improved on BA’s Club Europe service, those stuck in the middle have been hard done by. A few weeks prior this flight would have got a full hot meal I believe, not anymore. Good to hear that in 2018 BA are continuing to review their catering options.

We enjoyed a safe flight back to LHR, arriving on time. A quick HEX trip back to Paddington, the tube to St Pancras and good old South Eastern High Speed to carry us home. Whilst the HEX/tube combo doesn’t necessarily save too much time overall and does cost a bit more it is a significantly more pleasant journey than the Piccadilly line.

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