A Cheapskate’s Weekend in Prague Part 7: Touring The World Through Prague

As was the theme on this trip we started the day with an absolutely epic breakfast. Other than those amazing Indian breakfast buffet spreads I can’t think of a trip where we started the day so well, so often.
La Bottega Bistroteka was just a short walk from the hotel and we were amongst the first to arrive along with some other tourists that seemed to enjoy photographing their food as much as I do.

As you can see we didn’t go hungry. Superb baked goods and the eggs were absolutely delicious as well. A great spot for breakfast and very reasonable for the size and quality of the food served up.

With most of the museums closed on Mondays we decided to do the tourist run across the Charles Bridge, have a walk round Prague Castle leaving ourselves enough time for the afternoon flight back to London.

The queue to queue up for tickets was pretty long so I took some snaps whilst Anne-So queued.

Feeling a little hungry and slightly rushed we headed back down into town, picking up some sausages and trdelnik. The former were decent, the latter had dried out to oblivion and beyond. I was left thinking if the trdelnik are solely for silly tourists or if there are actually places that make genuinely tasty ones?

It was with heavy hearts we returned to the Hilton to pick up our bags and head for the airport.

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