A Cheapskate’s Weekend in Prague Part 2: British Airways Club Europe London to Prague

Flight: BA858
Class: Club Europe (Business)
Depart: LHR T3 20:00
Arrive PRG T1 23:00
Aircraft: A320
Seats 1A and 1C

It was soon time to catch our flight and thankfully the gate was near enough adjacent to the lounge. At said gate a delay of 15 minutes was called, shortly followed by a call for boarding.

Ready for Adventure!

After a quick zigzag down the air bridge and a warm welcome on-board we settled into row 1. Row 1 is definitely better on the D/F Side than the A/C side where you are a lot more exposed.

Don’t Look Back in Anger, Row 1 Is A Privilege

The last light had gone and it was time to enjoy the thrill of the airport at night, bright lights in the dark, jets off to lands near and far. There’s something magical about a night time take off or landing that never gets old. Peaking through the windows of all the airliners, where is everyone off to?

Let the Fun Begin

It was a clear night and take off treated us to a superb aerial view of Terminal 5.

What a Wonderful Night For A Flight

If I’d Turned Off My Reading Light Then This Photo Might Have Been Half Decent

Service swung into action and we loaded up with enough drinks to last us the flight. We need not have bothered as our personal flight attendant kept us and the cabin regularly topped up. Stupidly mixing my drinks yet again I went with champagne. The Castelnau, which although drinkable is a little less pleasant than the Moet served in the Cathay lounge. It did at least make for a nice apero with the bag of nuts.

Perhaps One Too Many, Even If One Of Those Is A Glass Of Water and 100% Not A G&T

My glass of Merlot had now reached room temperature so I could enjoy it with my main course. It went OK with the rather filling beef and cheese panini. Severed with a side of potato salad and a brightly coloured cream and fruit dessert (which I failed to eat) it was hardly the life of luxury. Thankfully I was so full from the lounges, I even declined the coffee (though again probably not the worst idea, if you’ve had the BA Club Europe Coffee you’ll know what I mean).

Not A Bad Second Dinner But Hardly Fine Dining

Anne-So did slightly better than me but also forfeit her dessert much to the embarrassment of our flight attendant who profusely apologised for forgetting our request to check whether or not it contained passion fruit, which is something that does not agree with her one bit.

Shortly after the offer of coffee, seat belt signs were on and we prepared to land. It was a good job we were belted up as we met the tarmac rather forcefully. After a short taxi our air bridge was attached and we made the short trip through a near deserted passport control and on to baggage reclaim. 

Are We Nearly There Yet? Yes, That’s The Bloody Air Bridge, Keep Quiet!

There did not seem to be any kind of additional tags on our bags (or anyone else’s for that matter) but the wait was short. We exited the terminal and walked straight across to our lodgings for the night, Courtyard Prague Airport.

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