Lounge Dim Sum

A Cheapskate’s Weekend in Prague Part 1: Friday Night in Hong Kong via LHR

It was a typical Happy Friday and as usual my best made plans went astray. I meant to finish my working day with a delicious Indian lunch at Thakers in Hounslow whilst catching up with a colleague, but work knew better. An enforced schedule change meant starting my day in East London and as per usual my meeting over ran significantly and that delicious Thakers’ lunch became a Pret chilli hot wrap. By the time I was headed out west, swaying around on the Piccadilly line I was worried something was about to give and it wasn’t my time management skills!

I was keen to blame my Pret wrap but truth be told it could have been any of the lethally strong coffees I’d been knocking back that day. Perhaps it was the rather delicious masala dosas I picked up from Sarasars under recommendation from J. I think that place has got its star back (food hygiene star, not Michelin!) It might have been the burger from Shake Shack, or the decadent chocolate and halva danish from Ottolenghi, or the Nandos Peri Peri lunch with S. It certainly wasn’t any of Anne-So’s home cooked dinners.

By the time I’d finished trying to work out what was to blame for the ever increasing pain in my stomach, whilst simultaneously taking pity on the poor souls trapped inside the carriage with me it was time to get off for a quick stop in Hounslow. Relief was soon found, and in just the nick of time.

Welcome To Terminal 3

It’s about that time…

Done with work I made my way to Heathrow. There was no queue at check in so I picked up a paper boarding pass as my phone was running low on battery. I had a lovely friendly check in agent who was definitely into the spirit of Happy Friday. 

Cathay Logo

My Hong Kong Home and Happy Place

Once through the Tardis of security I headed straight for my favourite slice of Hong Kong via London. I love this spot, from the relaxing lounge chairs to the steamy low lit noodle bar, it feels like my own secret club at the end of the world.

Lounge Beer

Nothing Says Happy Friday Like An Icy Beer and Bar Snacks

My timing was excellent for once and a few minutes after finishing my beer Anne-So arrived and we headed to the noodle bar for dinner number one.

Lounge Dim Sum

The Lighting In The Noodle Bar Makes For Fantastic Food Photos

I ordered two of each of the dim sum as well as a kir royal and a glass of champagne from the bar to ensure we remained hydrated.  That weekend buzz was here and was telling me to pick up our steaming stack of goodness. Dim sum and champagne, that’s my kind of Friday night!

As we were still hungry I did another lap of the lounge to check out what else was on offer. Skipping the buffet options I ordered wonton soup and a deliciously fruity smelling glass of sauvignon blanc.
Learning from last time I was easy on the condiments. A good handful of peanuts with a dash of chilli sauce, fried garlic and spring onion. Anne-So enjoyed some beef fried rice and a bloody Mary.

Lounge Won Ton Soup

Fresh Won Ton Soup

We didn’t feel like ice cream or brownies so instead headed back to Blighty for coffee and desert.

Galleries Club

BA Galleries Club LHR Terminal 3

Coffee was forthcoming but dessert was non-existent apart from a wide selection of biscuits. It was too late for quick trip to AAmerica so we settled with what we had.


Coffee and Cookies

The Coffee was good, biscuits were tasty, views from the window were rather nice and BA Galleries Club definitely looks the part. However, taking into account the choice of food and drink alongside the overall calm ambience it compares poorly to the Cathay Lounge.

BA Galleries Club

BA Galleries Club LHR Terminal 3

I love airports, the people and their cases, the calm and the chaos, that slice of the post modern world and sense of adventure. Boarding was called and we’d soon be on our way to Prague.

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